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William of the Farm Interview

Originally published in 1998 in issue 13 of Married Punks.  Caution: Do not read if you are easily disturbed.  You have been warned.

William of the Farm

I first came across William of the Farm when he sent me a copy of his publication, Wild Revue for me to review.  While animals don't turn me on, and watching people screw animals doesn't qualify as erection making material for me, I was quite fascinated with the fact that some people do get off on sex with animals.

In his publication, there are women talking about their first time with dogs and classifieds from men looking for women with dolphin tanks.  It's a bizarre world that is hidden from mainstream eyes, and maybe that is for the best.

This interview isn't here to say that I approve or disapprove of bestiality.  It is done merely to educate.  Learn on, young soldiers!

Married Punks:  What is your name, age, and how did you first become interested in females who love animals?

William of the Farm:  I prefer not to provide personal information.  I got interested in female bestiality way back in the '50s when I was in high school.  There was a girl named Marie in my school who it was said to have made it with a Cocker Spaniel.  She was sort of the class punching bag, although I never had any association with her.  I did know a girl who was her friend.  This girl and Marie had a contest to see who could take the most broom handle and Marie won at eight and a half inches.  I later saw the Linda Lovelace dog films in the early 1970s, and then I remembered the high school stories about Maria.

MP:  There was a similar story in my hometown about a guy named Ron and a cat, which leads me to my next question.  How widespread is this sort of thing?  Does it stereotypically fit in with the farming and country community, or does it reach into all corners of life?

WOTF:  I think almost all women have thought about it at least once in their life.  The old Kinsey statistics were that about five percent had some kind of animal contact, about two percent had actually done it with an animal and about one percent continued to do it.  The German Hafner report done in 1992 showed that two to three percent of women had tried dog sex, and eighty percent of those who did continued to do it.  I would guess at least twice these numbers is the case today.  First, you have a generation of women who are not inhibited about taking sexual pleasure like their mothers were.  A high percentage of these women are divorced, turned off by relationships, but they still have sexual needs.  To them, using a dog is noo different than a vibrator.

MP:  At one time, bestiality movies and books were fairly easy to obtain.  That's not the case anymore.  What brought this change about?   Are their still new movies being made?  If so, are they all strictly foreign, or do some come from America?

WOTF:  The availability of bestiality sex films varies with the enforcement climate.  They were readily available in the early 1970s.  It was easier to prove a bestial film was obscene than a straight sex film, so enforcement suppressed them and they became real scarce.  Then, as the enforcement relaxed, they became available (US) in the mid '80s.  For some reason they were more available in Pennsylvania than other places at that time.  Then came another period of repression.  Then, as enforcement concentrated on kiddie porn, they have become more available.  They are sold openly in New York City, but that is the only place I know of in the US.  A lot of porn shops in the big cities have them, but they are under the counter.

There is almost no kiddie porn in the US today, but in order to keep the government kiddie porn enforcement group in existence, they resorted to creating kiddie porn and mailing it to targets, hoping to find something incriminating when they search the target's home after he gets his shipment from them.  I haven't heard of this much lately.  What they are doing now is labeling material kiddie porn if the subjects are dressed to look like minors.  This is, again, creating something to repress so they can show they are enforcing public morals, and justify their budget.  I think most of the current attention is on the Internet.

Almost all commercial bestiality material is done overseas, Holland being the main center for it.  Some Iron Curtain material has been coming in since the Berlin Wall came down, and there is a lot of (poorly done) material from South America.  The only US material is amateur stuff.  The old Linda Lovelace dog films are still about the best US material.

MP:  Describe to us your publication, and tell me why you decided to do it.

WOTF:  Wild Revue is an art review, with focus on women animal art.  I had collected a lot of art as well as adult material, and decided in 1991 to see if there was any interest in the subject.  It is impossible to treat the subject without covering the pornographic material.  You see the same themes in a high class painting and a Danish porn film, it is just the degree of explict sex that separates them.  There was one painting that won Royal Academy raves that was almost identical to an earlier pornographic work.  In the porn work, three girls are leading a bull to pasture, one is holding the penis and the bull has garlands around his horns.  In the painting, they left out the girl holding the penis, put the other girl along side the bull so you can't see the penis, and called it "Rite of Spring."  The garlands were retained.  It was highly regarded as a piece of fine art.

MP:  How many readers do you have?  More male than female?

WOTF:  About 800 readers for a typical issue, more male than female, but with a surprising number of women and couples.

MP:  How do you find people interested in this?

WOTF:  I suspect a lot of the women find it erotically stimulating, even though they would have no intention of trying it.  The Nancy Friday books, Forbidden Flowers and Women on Top, both have examples of female bestial fantasies.

MP:  Have you run into any legal troubles?  If so, what has happened?  Is your publication within the bounds of the law?

WOTF:  We keep the revue strictly within the legal bounds.  It is what I consider "R" rated.  We avoid explicit, graphical sex depictions, but allow nudity.  When people tell of their experiences, these are pretty explicit, but the Constitution allows this.  We police the ads and tone down any that are too explicit.

MP: Have you ever had an experience with an animal?

WOTF:  No, other than as an observer.

MP:  I imagine that you have seen some strange things, even by your standards, which appear to more open than most people's.  What is the strangest thing you've seen when it comes to bestiality.

WOTF:  The strangest thing was a lady who was only interested in harmless snakes over four inches in diameter.  I will leave the rest to your imagination.  It is surprising to me that snakes are sexy to some women.  We did a centerfold in issue number six of an "Eve" and her snake.  The snake belonged to the model, and I have since met a stripper who has a big snake and uses it sometimes in her act.  Snakes have a phallic symbolism that is more apparent to women than men.

MP:  How do you think that the entire concept can become more open and acceptable to the mainstream?  Do you even want that, or would it be better for it to remain essentially underground?

WOTF:  I don't see any near term relaxation of the taboos, if anything we are going into a more repressive period.  The only bright spot is that women seem to be choosing things for themselves, and more are saying what they do with their bodies is their own business.

MP:  Is bestiality growing in popularity?  If so, why do you think that is?

WOTF:  Yes, with the risk of AIDS, many swinging couples are going to the dogs, rather than risk disease through contact with an infected male.  This still lets the male in the couple get to see his mate well taken care of without the risk of disease.  The AIDS virus can't live in a dog's body more than a few minutes, so there is essentially no risk.  The same goes for most other human diseases, except for a few common to humans and dogs, but these are not encountered in a healthy dog.

MP:  How can someone contact you for information on your publication?

WOTF:  For information on Wild Revue, send a business sized SASE to Farm News/ PO Box [xxxxxx]/Orlando, FL [xxxxx].  If you include $10.00 we will send a sample copy.  [Note:  I am not including the full address as I have no idea if the publication is still being published.]

William was also kind enough to send me a list of videos that can be obtained from what he called a "reliable" source.  These titles include Dog Sensation, Lesbian Dog Orgy, Mustang Explosions, Eel Fucking Sluts, Donkey Love and Get Me Dog.  I'm not going to reprint the address because the people did not send it to me directly.  If you want to know more about it, contact William.

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