Thursday, November 17, 2011

Banned in Japan Vol. 1 Review

Published in Married Punks #13 in 1998, this review is of a video that was sent to me by Xplor Media/Homegrown specifically for review purposes.

Banned in Japan Vol. 1

What happens when you mix Tokyo coeds, odd production values, even odder stories and sex?  You get this video, which is, well, odd.

Yumi stars in the first segment as a flight attendant in an "airport lobby," which is really just someone's living room.  The motorcycle sounds in the background and the walls sort of give it away.  During the entire sex scene there is a guy "sleeping" nearby.  It gets surreal when Yumi, who is being screwed doggie style, is groped by the man while he's still "sleeping."  Downright bizarre.

The next piece features Mayumi, a nineteen-year-old "nurse" who is checking up on a patient.  We've seen this a million times, but this scene is wooden and akin to watching a boring soap opera.  Kudos goes to condom usage, though.

Emi, a twenty-one-year-old, steals the next scene.  She gets down and dirty, using a cock as a microphone and ramming her finger up the cameraman's ass.  She also does a standing sixty-nine in what is a spew drenched, hot-as-the-sun scene.

A twenty-year-old, proper Satomi, finishes the video by being filmed having sex.  It's the first time she's ever had sex on film, and, by the look on her face, it looks like it might be her first time having sex.  She looks like she's in pain, but then laughs a little later.  Odd.

No English is spoken, so you can watch this with the sound down or make up your own dialogue.  Quite honestly, it's worth renting just because it's kind of strange.  I felt like some kind of perverted voyeur the whole time.  Oh wait, I am some sort of perverted voyeur.

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