Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hawaiian College Girls Vol. 1

This originally appeared in issue 13 of Married Punks published in 1998.

Hawaiian College Girls Vol. 1

Basically, this tape has college girls from Hawaii showing off their bodies, masturbating, getting bit by bugs, and engaging in sex with both men and women.

It stars Keolan, who is pierced and tattooed, flaunting around outside in lingerie.  She uses a Jewel of the Nile dildo and talks about how her mom caught her dancing in her underwear, losing her virginity at sixteen, and having sex with another woman.  While her efforts seem real enough, she just isn't too comfortable in from of the camera.

After a couple of other girls who do things like play in the tub and demonstrating with their fingers how they blow their boyfriends, we are introduced to Keo and Tammie.

These two ladies have their way with a "sleeping" man and with each other.  Keo, no relation to the swinger in Eureka by the same name, though spelled differently, gets it up her bum for the first time as Tammie licks her.  The guy makes a mess of Keo's bum, but Tammie towels it off.  What a gal!

If Hawaiian girls get a rise out of you, then you'll definitely dig this video.  There's plenty of island flesh, and they aren't jaded porn stars either, which is a plus.

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