Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Profiles 9 Review

This originally appeared in issue 13 of Married Punks published in 1998.

Profiles 9

This video stars Liza Harper, Angel, Sash and the senior citizen known as Dave Cummings.  As, as regular readers know, it is basically a series of sex scenes.

Out of the five sex scenes here, two are totally lifeless, which really kin of sucked since I expect good stuff from Xplor.  The best scene happened to be a fairly straightforward scene between a guy and a girl in the jungle room from Skirts and Flirts 4 that has some really good screwing and eating where a girl should be eaten at.

The last scene has promise, too.  It is a festive orgy set in an aluminum foil room complete with confetti.  At the end of it, however, the tape mysteriously ends.

To be perfectly honest, what qualifies as less than perfect material from Xplor seems to be the norm at other video companies of this size, so I can't complain too much.

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