Sunday, March 25, 2012

Double Anal Club Vol. 1 Review

.This appeared in issue 13 of Married Punks published in 1998.

Double Anal Club Vol. 1

I saw Frank Thring's name on the nice looking box and knew I was in for a treat.  Frank Thring is the thinking man's Max Hardcore.  Max goes for shock, while Frank goes for style.  Frank wins every time.  It doesn't hurt when one looks at the girls either.

Sylvia Saint (Czech Penthouse Pet of the Year), Kay (Italian Vogue model), the Ruskie Nicolette Kirsten, who drinks tea at four and is top heavy) and a few guys (Frank, Frank Thring, Mike Foster) are featured on this video.

These chaps decide to start the Double Anal Club, and that leads to fun, fun, fun in what I think is Spain.  The scenery's nice, so I guess the country doesn't really matter.

Kay is their first inductee.  She sucks the guys off, says sexy things in Italian (probably just ordered a pizza or something), has her ass licked and then fucks.  Of course, she joins the club when she gets two love missiles up her bum.  The cream is later distributed upon her face and in her mouth.

That's actually how it goes with all the gals, with the exception of Saint, 21, who has a fairly long scene and gets three rods spewing in her face.  The best scene probably belongs to Kirsten, however,  who really shines (both figuratively and physically).  Those into the double anal thing may be surprised to know that it doesn't last that long in any of the segments, but let's be real.  How long would you want two cocks up your rear?  I'm surprised the girls lasted as long as they did.

All in all, a fairly good, but kind of repetitive video that is full of sexy girls having a good time.  Thring isn't going soft, but I have seen better from him.  I just know the next volume will blow this away.  Especially if they bring back Kirsten and Kay.

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