Sunday, April 22, 2012

Private Stock #6 Review

This originally appeared in 1998 in issue 13 of Married Punks.

Private Stock #6

The tape, interestingly enough, opens with what sounds like a metal band playing live.  Crazy.  Don't worry, folks, the nude women appear soon.

As with the other Low Key videos, this features naked women posing and masturbating.  It ain't boring, either.

The first woman on screen is a red haired beauty who appears in various states of undress between segments.  She teases the viewer a bit and is first shown smoking a cigarette.  All you smoke fetish people will dig that.  Me, I could care less.

Other scenes include a very shy gal with a pierced belly button who shows off her "vampire" Halloween costume (incidentally, she doesn't masturbate, but does let the world see her insides); a blonde haired girl who is a video virgin; Bridgette, who poses nude for the first time and who always thought she wasn't pretty enough for this type of work (she also masturbates for the very first time on camera for all to see); a blonde haired girl who goes through various costume changes only to strip down and masturbate (her boyfriend interrupts with a knock at the door, sending the gal and the cameraman into a panic); and a gal who masturbates without realizing that the camera is on ("Oh my God!  You're taping me!")

What can one say?  Low Key is a company that produces tasteful erotic videos that truly appeal to voyeurs.  I get the feeling that these women don't feel exploited at all, and aren't doing this for the money (maybe they are -- I don't know if they are paid, though).  And, seeing as this is real women and not porno models with silicone injected into their breasts, I have no choice but to recommend it.  Hell, it kicks the ass out of Butt Blasted Bimbos!

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