Sunday, April 15, 2012

Homegrown Video Vol. 470 Review

This appeared in 1998 in issue 13 of Married Punks.

Homegrown Video Vol. 470: Heroes, Torpedoes & Grinders

Four scenes of amateurs having sex in front of the camera.  Personally, I like the amateur stuff, so this is a treat to me.

First up is Cassie and Carly, two women who don't appear very comfortable with going down on each other.  It's especially annoying when the cameraman tells them to make more noise.  They're women, blonde and not too keen on "acting."  Next.

Nina, Fran and Josh go at it in a hot tub in the second scene.  This one makes up for the first scene.  It's got some great dirty talking, the women are easy on the eyes, and the man isn't ugly either.  There's some deep throat and a wonderful close up of Josh rimming one of the gals.  Of course, the scene ends with the mandatory come guzzling.

The [next] scene features the sex happy couple of Shawnee and Scott.  Shawnee is a brown haired nympho who likes to be whipped by Scott's belt.  She does some serious cock sucking and fingering, and involves herself in one hot sixty-nine scene.  Her screaming orgasm at the end is tops.

The last scene involves Hildy and Butch.  Hildy is a blonde dressed in Daisy Duke shorts, and Butch is the hung guy who gets it in a fake office.  It's a fairly typical scene with some good camera angles, but not much heat. 

There's more good than there is bad on this tape, and I'm sure amateur fans won't be disappointed.  Hell, who doesn't love a good screw?

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