Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homegrown Video Vol. 485 Review

This originally appeared in issue number 13 of Married Punks, which was published in 1998.

Homegrown Video Vol. 485: Spunk Rock

More non-pros having sex in ways that are illegal in several religions.  You almost have to love it.

"Roni & Pepper" is the title of the first sequence.  Black man, white woman.  Roni's mouth gets filled with love seed and she gets Pepper's finger up her bottom.  Proctology has never been finer.

"Ashley & Zoe" are two females, one of whom, Zoe, looks a little punky with tats and short dark hair.  This lesbo tryst ends with Zoe using a dildo on Ashley, who squirts like you would not believe!  Beautiful.

"Molly's Screen Test" is next.  Despite the fact that this blonde looks dead at first, she is soon masturbating like mad--doing double penetrations ("Oh my God!"  I have both those things in me!"), screaming like a banshee on crack, and getting a guy's finger up her ass.  Pass the carrots!

The next to last scene is called "Crystal, Maria & Steve."  Steve likes getting whipped by these two women.  He also likes his ass licked.  Who doesn't?  Crystal sucks him like mad while Maria licks her ass, but that isn't enough.  Not nearly enough.  These gals get downright dirty with lots of ass licking, ball whipping and anal penetration on Stevie-boy.  What a hot scene.

"Ashley, Zoe and Zach" qualify as the "Spunk Rock" part of the video.  Zach has a mohawk.  Big deal.  We get a bunch of different positions, some lesbian lovin', and Zach blowing off in Ashley's face, which Zoe licks clean.  Just like fuckin' high school.

This is why amateur rules, people.

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