Friday, May 4, 2012

Skirts and Flirts Vol. 1

This originally appeared in issue 13 of Married Punks, published in 1998.

Skirts and Flirts Vol. 1

Five women strut their stuff and masturbate just for you ... and anyone else watching the video.  Why go to a strip club with speed freaks when you can watch the young, long haired Summer lick her nipples, insert two fingers into her love channel and suck on a large dildo?  All this for the price of a video rental or purchase.

We also find Chelsea (not President Clinton's daughter), who possesses bedroom eyes from Hell, doing some heavy duty rubbing and breast licking, just like Mom does for Dad!

Brenda is next up, but is outshined by Donna, who works out in a weight room.  She fingers herself sweetly.  She also uses the popular Beaver vibrator for evil ends.  Oddly, I could hear people having sex in the background.  Multiple filming must have been going on.

Speaking of multiples, Rhonda, the dark haired, pierced gal, uses both a Midnite Stick and nameless vibrator on herself, after slipping in a hot tub.  She actually uses her feet to hold the Midnite Stick in!  Now that's passion.  Her orgasm is brought on by some hearty clit slapping with her free hand.  The girl gets into it.

I'm a dirty man.  I like to watch women masturbating.  I want to stalk Tori Spelling and force her to make a decent movie while calling me Patrick Duffy.  I loved this video.

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