Thursday, February 23, 2012

Confidentially Kiva Review

Originally published in issue 13 of Married Punks published in 1998.

Confidentially Kiva

Hustler gives this high marks, so you know it's got to be good.  Not only that, there's a great goth-like music playing throughout the video, which is unlike the normal Xplor fare.  So what is this?

It's Kiva having real orgasms.  No, these aren't the fake ones like your girlfriend does, these are screaming, body shaking orgasms that just rip your VCR to shreds with their power.

Kiva is featured in all the scenes, of course, mostly alone, but sometimes with a man eating her or jerking off in her face.  There are so many scenes, too, some with special effects, some without.  Some are done outdoors, some in costume (a favorite is where Kiva masturbates while looking like Poison Ivy from The Cramps).  She uses her hand, the shower head, and men's tongues (who get their heads squeezed hard when her magic moment arrives).

This tape will leave you breathless.  Kiva is the real deal.  She was a professional model, who is now deeply in the sex scene, and she has a brain.  And get this, these videos will appeal to women, too!  Finally, something that doesn't make females feel embarrassed and intellectual guys feel like lechers for liking this stuff.  Kiva, you kick ass like nobody's business!

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