Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Married Punks #4: Inspected by Number Six CD Review

This originally appeared in issue four of Married Punks, most likely published in 1995. I don't know why I wrote the review this way, but I do kind of wish I still had the CD. Transcribed as it appears.

Inspected by Number Six

Imago put together this nice little sampler CD and decided to sent it to us. Okay ... It starts out with Rollins Band doing "Disconnect." A great opening homerun. Then the band My Head strikes out. Maggie Estep goes up to plate and hits a triple combining spoken work and music. Love Spit Love (Psychedelic Furs' frontman Richard Butler's new band) hits next. It's a single that sounds a lot like New Model Army. The Figgs strike out, as does Orangutang. Shitkicker takes the bat and the crowd yawns. They swing and hit a double. Metal rules! Sha-Key raps a bunt. A laid back woman rapper who evens the team out. Basehead hits a single. It's now a slow, boring game. Plan B hit a double, but it's almost a foul. They should be watched in the future. Their performance of dance music and guitar rock could prove faulty. Giant Sand miss two and hit a single. Overall, the CD is standard, but its moments of greatness are good and its low points are horrendous. Imago-6 MP-5.

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