Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Married Punks #4: RKL Riches to Rags CD Review

Originally appeared in Married Punks #4, which originally came out in 1995 from what I can figure. The review is transcribed as it originally appears. And no, I still don't like the band.

RKL Riches to Rags CD

I never got into RKL too much. They were usually "just okay." This, however, is a definite improvement over their earlier releases. It doesn't irritate me as much. The first song, "We're Back, We're Pissed," gives a fairly good indication of what's going on here. It's not an "angry" CD, but it has its moments. "H.P.C." is probably my favorite track on here just because it is so true. RKL fans will love this and I bet they even get a whole bunch of new fans.

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