Thursday, October 29, 2009

Married Punks #4: Guttermouth "Friendly People" Review

This appeared in Married Punks #4, most likely published in 1995. Transcribed as it originally appeared.

Guttermouth Friendly People CD

I've liked Guttermouth since I've heard them on the Dr. Strange compilation, and then when I saw them play with The Offspring my ideas about them were reaffirmed. Now they are on Nitro, Brian Holland's new label. For the few that have never heard of them they sound like NOFX with more balls. Their lyrics border on bad taste, but that's what makes them great. However, they are not racists, as some have implied. All the songs on this release are excellent! There's a song that praises the death of straight-edge, mocks PC people, stands up for veggies and lambasts everyone. "Asshole" stands as one of my favorites. Get this and be the coolest kid on your block.

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