Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bob Xark "Gargoyle Wings" Review

Originally published in 1998 in issue 13 of Married Punks.

Bob Xark Gargoyle Wings

Xark, sometimes spelled Zark, is back again.  For those uninitiated, Xark combines poetry with samples, minimalist guitar work and drums in order to lift his words to a new place.  It works well.

There are 20 tracks of what can be best described as anger, beauty and consciousness interlaced with fever, bitterness and discontent.  Xark fans will enjoy it, though pretentious poet types will only be irritated by its unconventional mannerisms.  Good!  The world of poetry is stale, its muses are whiny people with too little real education.  Xark is the antithesis of that, and the realm of poetry is better for it.

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