Thursday, July 5, 2012

Plantabiss The Color of Foul Thoughts Review

This originally appeared in Married Punks #13, published in 1998.

Plantabiss The Color of Foul Thoughts

At times, this is pure grindcore noise, but then ... it turns and takes on an almost jazz-like feel in tempo.  Yes, Plantabiss has talent, though it won't be apparent from a cursory listen.

Songs like "Flourescent Walls" show a different direction than the usual grind.  It's not screaming vocals and equally screaming guitar.  Instead, it has a subdued techno beat with a singing style that is closer to Frodus than Disrupt.  It's a contender for favorite song status on the CD.

Plantabiss is sure to annoy people, especially those who can't stand anything that deviates from the norm.  It's far from a perfect fusion of grindcore, ambient and techno, but it's damn close.

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