Friday, June 29, 2012

NOFX So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes Review

This originally appeared in issue 13 of Married Punks, published in 1998.

NOFX So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes

This is NOFX's best release since White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean.  You already know what NOFX sounds like (I'm assuming too much maybe), so I won't bother with heady descriptions.

The CD's title is a take on a popular sci-fi novel (if you don't know it, you need to read more), and the songs have the same humor and insights that the book has.  Songs like "It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite" and "Murder the Government," "Kill Rock Stars," and "I'm Telling Tim" are as humorous as they are telling.  NOFX ain't afraid to slay a few sacred cows, and the guys have fun doing it.

Say what you will about NOFX, but the fact remains that it is one hell of a band that oozes talent like a rancid wound leaks pus.

The Howard Stern bit at the end is great, too.  I miss that aspect of the East Coast.

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