Thursday, June 13, 2013

Training for Utopia Review

This was originally published in issue 13 of Married Punks from 1998.

Training for Utopia Plastic Soul Impalement

If you notice the record label [Tooth & Nail Records], you may have an inkling of what drives this band: God!

Forget that.  God doesn't matter.  He's a myth.  The music on this release, however, is far from a fairy tale.  It's hard hitting, in your face, screaming, industrial metal.  It's powerful and pulls no punches.  There's a bit of a spiritual message to the lyrics, sure, but nothing I couldn't handle.  "Single Handed Attempt at Revolution" even takes a nice swipe at Marilyn Manson.  Take my advice, Training for Utopia, Satanism is just as ridiculous as Christianity.  The two are interwoven, yes, and Satanism is wrong and weak, but only because it links itself to Christianity at some points.

Overall, an excellent release.

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