Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Column Idea That Never Launched

Back in 1999 I came up with a column idea I pitched to various adult magazines.  It was called Notes From the Sexual Underground.  It covered exactly what it said: the sexual underground.  There was some interest expressed in it, but it nothing ever came of any of it.  Here is the what the first column would've been.

From the hotel rooms to the secret clubs across the world, the sexual underground is thriving.  As

usual, there is plenty going on, and this time it all starts with a new trend in publishing.

For years the underground punk rock publishing world has stuck close to its roots of music and political coverage.  Now, however, it is expanding its editorial scope to include the erotic and downright dirty.

 Ten Things Jesus Wants You to Know,  the legendary punk ‘zine from Washington, has started printing black and white nude photos throughout its pages.  The photos, mostly of women, are tasteful, but not exploitive, which is what the editor, Dan Halligan, was aiming for.

The male and female photos in The Probe  are tasteful and  exploitive, however, which is just the way the publisher, Aaron Muentz, likes them.  Muentz has also expanded into the video realm.  “The girl in the [Probe] video is a former roommate who has fun doing softcore stuff,” he explains.  But seeing as The Probe  is primarily a punk ‘zine, what has the reaction been to the nudity and softcore pornography?

 “I’ve had some objections from some PC [politically correct] people, but it’s pretty much come to be

accepted over the years.  I’ve got the word out that it’s usually friends of mine in the ‘zine.  It’s a little

different than your usual nudie girl stuff because it’s not for profit (until the video), and it’s always

been a one-time thing for the girls involved.”     

The Canadian publication, Fist Fuck, however, takes a different approach to sex.  Sex is the focus of this publication, while politics take a back seat.  The ‘zine, published by Heidi Riches, has some disturbing art of a sexual nature and nonfiction adult stories, some involving the publisher’s youth.  It is a popular publication with a group of loyal readers in spite of a low print run.

These publications show that despite a resurgence of Christianity among several underground cultures, some young people are still being sexually adventurous and experimental.  Such is the case with Greg and Gina.

Greg and Gina (not their real names) are twentysomethings from Southern California.  They are married.  They are swingers.  Says Gina, “We’ve been into it eight months after talking to people and making a mutual decision between us.”  She is open about her lifestyle, but is still somewhat shy for fear of “being busted and letting the whole world know.”

The couple finds most of their play partners through the Internet or “other connections,” and they mostly swing at their home or the home of their swing partners.  They have played at a swing club, too, but don’t ask where.  “It’s secret,” Gina explains.  “Members do not release any information.”

Even though secrecy plays a large role in their swinging, Gina and Greg may make a video in the future, but it won’t be available to the non-swinging public. 

While Greg and Gina meet partners over the Internet and other places, for some, the Internet is the only relief they have.  Spike, a young man of 27, turns to the Internet when he can’t find a woman to dominate him.

 “I first became aware [of being a submissive man] on a conscious level when I was 15 after I read

some female domination stories in Penthouse Variations.  He’s been dreaming about it ever since, but

admits that it’s not always easy to find someone to share his fantasy.

 “It wasn’t until I was 25 years old that I had my first real experience,” Spike explains.  He

lived with a domme he met at a bar.  They knew each other for a year before moving in together, at

which point they incorporated domination and submission into their lives. 

Now that Spike isn’t with the lady anymore, he spends his free time surfing the web looking for

dominating females and scanning websites devoted to female domination.  Perhaps he should travel to

Illinois to meet up with “lifestyle dominant,” Madam Divine.

Madam Divine, 46, has been actively participating in BD/SM activities since she was 18.  “It is the mental aspect and the intensity of the relationship that attracts me,” she explains.  “And I like to be in control.”

Madam Divine, who enjoys dominating both men and women, plays in her home, hotels and various clubs.  And while she doesn’t make her play her profession, she does do it “all the time.”

So whether it’s The Probe  or some dimly lit club in Chicago, chances are that if you are willing to dig deep, you’ll find something or someone to tickle your fancy.  Whether it’s childhood masturbation fantasies or women whipping you into submission, it’s out there.

Next time we’ll look at what’s going on in the world of underground videos with the people who make them, star in them and collect them.

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