Saturday, May 29, 2010

Married Punks #4: No Longer a Fan 'Zine #6 Review

Originally published in (most likely) 1995, this review appears as it originally was published in Married Punks #4.

No Longer a Fan 'Zine #6

This issue is one hundred times better than the last issues, and it's more interesting, too. This one has a bit on drug legalization from a straight point of view (I share his views on this one), a Dayton tour diary (edited to protect the guilty, I'm sure), Eggplant Tour diary 2 (I'm getting sick of the Taco Bell idolization. That place sucks!), great photos, mail (not the "hate" variety though) and so on. Pick it up, read it, and catch the editor's interview on Dateline.

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