Thursday, March 11, 2010

Married Punks #4: Annoyance Review

This originally appeared in Married Punks#4, which came out around 1995. It is transcribed as it originally appeared. For those who don't know, Annoyance was a 'zine.

Annoyance #8

This 'zine is always a favorite of mine to read. Always interesting, and the guy who does it (Anthony) seems like one of those guys who is just plain nice. He'd show you around town; that kind of nice. Anyway, this 'zine has a J Church interview which is whimsical, Migraine Boy comic strips and reviews. Of course, there's more! I especially liked the straight-edge article. We've all been lumped in with the alcoholics/druggies at one point (happens to me way too much), so I understand. Geekcore foreva!

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