Sunday, September 13, 2009

Married Punks #4: Tales From the Joint Book Review

Yet another book review from Married Punks #4, most likely published in 1995. Transcribed as it originally appeared. The book was written by Hawkeye Gross.

Tales From the Joint

This hardbound book is a true story involving the author's prison time, and the cast of characters he meets. Gross, sentenced for drug possession in a very riveting opening, runs into some interesting people. There's Ted Bundy, Leory the Jitterbug (a hyper young guy with no morals), the head of the Outlaws (a very non-cliched type of guy) and the author's best friend in there: Judge Joe Peel, a jailhouse lawyer. This is chockful of stereotype destroying stories of what life is really like behind bars. An interesting fact to note: Gross says, "This [a long probation with strict parole] is the one chance the justice system has to keep the career criminal classification off a large number of first-timers entering prison. A sentence of probation keeps the fear of prison alive, and it just might be enough to cause a person to change his ways .... Because, once a person gets behind bars, he quickly realizes that he can adapt to the circumstances ... the fear factor of doing time in a penitentary is eliminated." Food for thought, isn't it?

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